About Us

Years of experience in power system design, engineering, and integration.

Cahaya Jaya Services provides a full spectrum of engineering, design, integration for the power industry.

We develop, validate, verify, integrate, analyze, and maintain your electrical system accurately and efficiently using state-of-the art power system analysis and operation solutions. Our highly skilled and qualified engineers are proficient with the latest and efficient software tools available.

Cahaya Jaya Services have conducted numerous studies around the globe on new and existing electrical systems to enable our clients to build or expand their electrical systems and helping them achieve improved efficiency, reliability, and safety in operation.

Working closely with our clients, we identify the most effective ways to overcome any obstacles to your success. To analyze various design possibilities, we perform a full spectrum of power systems analysis.

  • Conceptual design
  • Feasibility studies
  • System modeling & data collection
  • Load growth studies
  • Load forecasting
  • Short circuit analysis
  • Arc flash analysis
  • Motor acceleration studies
  • Load shedding analysis
  • Fast bus transfer analysis
  • Transient & dynamic stability analysis
  • Harmonic analysis & filter design
  • Generator start-up analysis
  • Distributed generation
  • Protective system adequacy
  • Emergency backup power design
  • AC & DC transmission analysis
  • Sub-synchronous resonance analysis
  • Electrical eystem optimization
  • Underground cable duct design & transient calculation
  • Transmission line design
  • Transformer & feeder sizing
  • System optimization
  • System reliability & availability analysis
  • Substation grounding design

Existing system data and one-line diagrams are used to develop a preliminary ETAP system model. The preliminary (skeleton) model is set up and tailored for various system studies. The model is then completed through job site surveys where all data pertinent to the specified studies are verified. In some cases system data is available through a third party database where ETAP Data Exchange Services can be employed to transfer or synchronize data to and from your ETAP model.