From design through deployment demanding applications need ETAP

ETAP has a comprehensive array of analysis tools to support your power system analysis requirements. It is designed and developed to support projects within generation, transmission, distribution, and industrial applications. OTI has enhanced ETAP with many industry specific features and capabilities, based on years of carefully listening to user feedback. From straightforward short circuit calculations to advanced transient stability studies, ETAP is the most flexible fully integrated solution available.

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MicroTran is the simulation tool for the simulation of electrical networks under transient conditions.  It is the fastest PC-based network analysis programs presently available.  MicroTran is very reliable and efficient.: a network consisting of 2000 nodes and 2000 branches requires less than 2 MB of memory.

The program’s capabilities include the modelling of:

  • Lumped R, L, C elements.
  • Multiphase pi-circuits.
  • Single and three-phase n-winding transformers.
  • Transposed and untransposed distributed parameter transmission lines with constant or frequency dependent parameters.
  • Nonlinear resistances and surge arrester models (including metal oxide arresters), as well as nonlinear inductances with user-defined residual flux.
  • Switches with any number of opening/closing sequences, and other switching control criteria to simulate circuit breakers with multiple closing- opening sequences, spark gaps, etc.
  • Diodes, thyristors, and anti-parallel thyristor models with either fixed, or user-defined firing controls.
  • Voltage and current sources. In addition to standard mathematical functions (sinusoids, surge functions, steps, ramps), the user may specify sources point by point as functions of time, or calculate them inside the user-supplied subroutine SOURCE.
  • Synchronous machines with armature, field, and damper windings. The model also includes a shaft- mass system representation for the simulation of torsional oscillations.
  • Initial conditions can be determined automatically by the program or they can be supplied by the user. The program can also be used to obtain steady-state phasor solutions at a given frequency or over a user-defined frequency range. The “frequency scan” capability is particularly useful for harmonics, resonance and subsynchronous resonance studies.
  • User-supplied linear or nonlinear models using the entry point routine CONNEC. The procedure is quite simple: the user compiles his version of CONNEC with any compiler capable of creating a DLL. A sample version of CONNEC and detailed interface information is available to would-be developers.



EMTP-RV is a full-featured and technically advanced simulation and analysis software for power system transients.

The package is a sophisticated computer program for the simulation of electromagnetic, electromechanical and control systems transients in multiphase electric power systems. EMTP-RV includes:

  • An advanced, yet easy-to-use graphical user interface that maximizes the capabilities of the underlying EMTP-RV engine. EMTPWorks provides many customization and scripting options and one can easily adapt it to match its unique needs.
  • A powerful and super-fast computational engine that provides significantly improved solution methods for nonlinear models, control systems, and user-defined models. Time-domain simulations are initialized from unbalanced multi-phase load-flow.
  • An advanced visualization and advanced mathematical post-processing tool. ScopeView is a data acquisition and signal processing software very well adapted for the visualization and the analysis of EMTP-RV simulation results.
  • A well-documented and comprehensive library of components and function blocks that allow the user to easily realize complete and complex power system studies.

With EMTP-RV, complex problems become simple to work out! EMTP-RV is suited for the analysis of any power system with several simulation options.

  • Time domain solution
  • Load-flow
  • Steady-state solution
  • Frequency scans


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