ETAP Real-Time Solutions Project Experience

ETAP Real-Time is a suite of software tools that offers a fully integrated enterprise solution.

Cahaya Jaya Services acting as the Local Site Support for the ETAP Real-Time Solutions Projects in Singapore and Indonesia.

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  • Production losses due to faults caused by a variety of environmental disturbances
  • Need a system to help optimize electrical power management resulting in lower generation costs and fewer process time losses due to unnecessary load tripping

Solution: ETAP Real-Time

  • ETAP PSMS was installed to provide monitoring and display parameters of electrical power distribution and power generation systems
  • ETAP PSMS is also used to perform calculations to establish efficient operations and predict the effect of changes to these systems


  • ETAP Intelligent Load Shedding (ILS) recognized problems within the system and prompted the proper shedding of MW based on the customer preferences
  • ETAP ILS enabled operations to remain stable much to the satisfaction of PT Newmont senior executives


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  • Lacked generation monitoring and control systems
  • The RAROA vessel had no system that could successfully handle overloads and generator trips

Solution: ETAP Intelligent Load Shedding (ILS)

  • Flexibility of customizations
  • Simulation and analysis capabilities
  • Complete PMS Solution (Gen control, ILS, and PSMS Capabilities)
  • Interfaced with all devices selected for this project


  • Addressed sudden losses of generation
  • Setup 21 load shedding loads
  • Response time measured at about 40 ms from trigger detection for steam pressure and gen trips
  • 10.1 sec. response to overloads (User Defined)

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  • Accounting for the amount of energy usage within SLNG’s facilities
  • Lacking any structure for predictive simulation and playback of daily operations

ETAP Intelligent Load Shedding (ILS)

  • ETAP implemented Real-Time Alarming and Event Viewers
  • ETAP Playbacks, Trending, and Archived Reports were utilized
  • The groundwork for ETAP ILS was executed


  • Provided communications to over 100 different devices
  • Integrated with Distributed Control and Information System
  • ETAP Real-Time solved SLNG’s issues with predictive simulation and energy accounting
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